Nu-Lite, an IMARK Group member based in New Orleans, has about 80 employees that use a wide variety of technology across six locations. For many years, Scantron had already been managing Nu-Lite’s servers. Their needs had outgrown the capacity of one internal IT specialist to maintain and support. The breadth and depth of one individual’s knowledge and certifications could not cover the array of technology solutions needed, including: business software issues, support for various types of printers, implementation and support of VPNs, and delivery of regular patches and upgrades.

When their IT administrator left the company, Nu‑Lite chose to entrust its managed IT services and print management to STS. According to Michael Mertz, administrator and operations manager at Nu-Lite, expanding the relationship to include endpoint hardware and printers was a natural next step. “Scantron is always kind of behind-the-scenes, managing our servers, pushing updates when we need them and paying attention to different things. I think the most important piece is that when we call and say we’ve got a problem, it’s usually fixed within a day, or the next day. If you need a part, you’ll fly it in, and still have things back up and running phenomenally quick.”