Presented by Dave Koopmans, Solutions Engineering Manager, Scantron Technology Solutions

There’s constant noise in the news and the marketplace about corporate and non-profit data breaches. Large corporations suffer from massive hacks and small companies close their doors daily because they didn’t cover all the bases. At the same time, they’re subject to increased, intensifying regulations.

But what’s the right response? You don’t have time to absorb a daily dose of computer science especially with major changes on the horizon.

In this webinar, Dave Koopmans cuts through the panic and hyperbole to help you know which questions to ask. He discusses the key parameters of developing a solid network security model, details the basic components every business needs to stay on top of, and suggests common-sense approaches that you can use to be proactive without drowning your payroll or capital budget.

About the Presenter

With more than 40 years in IT, Dave Koopmans has been constantly engaged in the integration of the PC and computing into our daily lives. As Manager of the HTS presales team, he supports the SMB and Enterprise teams nationwide. Dave has previously held roles in presales, consulting, development and instruction at Scantron, Microsoft, and others. He is based in the Scantron Technology Solutions Omaha, Nebraska, headquarters.

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