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Students aren’t always clear when they’re struggling. Your intuition may tell you who’s struggling, but not necessarily why or what to do. Analytics can give you the data you need and suggest a path to get and keep students on track.

This webinar discusses how to answer four key questions:

  • What can I do to help my new students get on the right track sooner in the year?
  • Who are the students that may fall through, could drop out, or are able to get back on track?
  • What do you do about borderline students…you have to find those students to help, but how?
  • Do your GPAs and grades truly reflect college readiness?


Dr. Julie Oziemkowski

Hear Julie Oziemkowski, Director of School Improvement for CUSD200, Illinois and Scantron assessment and analytics experts to discuss these important topics.

Viewers can access a copy of our free eBook, Paths to Success: Are Your Students On Track? here (link soon).

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