Training Details

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, procedures, and hands‑on experience to successfully create flexible, high quality, graphical questionnaires. Also provides the opportunity to use client instrument while learning basic design.


Online: 2 (2-hour) Days (4 Hours Total)
On-site: 1 (6-hour) day


Working knowledge of personal computers and Microsoft® Windows® is recommended.


This course is recommended for personnel responsible for creation and generation of questionnaires which require unique graphical qualities not available with Class Climate Editor.

System Requirements

Online delivery:

  • One PC with Internet access, with the software and scanner installed
  • A two-way speakerphone with long distance capabilities
  • The ability to access a collaboration tool such as GoToMeeting®
  • A PostScript™ laser printer must be available

Onsite delivery:
Customer must provide a classroom‑type environment including:

  • one LCD projector
  • one PC per student
  • one Scantron scanner accessible to the group

Required equipment may be rented from us.

  • Introduction to VividForms Designer (VFD)
  • Differences between Editor and VFD
  • Form design capabilities
  • Using the drop/drag functions
  • Understanding Page Templates, Layout Options, and Elements
  • Adding Groups, Questions, and Batteries
  • Adding and modifying Form properties, Paragraph properties, and Element properties
  • Using the Question Library
  • Checking Element Order
  • Publish Form into Class Climate
  • Generating surveys in Class Climate
  • Editing VividForms Questionnaires
  • Custom question numbering
Class Format

Instructor-led seminar with hands‑on participation.


Maximum two students per license, one PC.

$2,750* (Instructor expenses included)
Maximum six students.

  • Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.
Contact Info

Call: 1-800-336-3426 ext. 6123