With locations in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, California, Georgia and Texas (and soon, Toronto, ONT), Bradley needed a managed print services (MPS) strategy that its IT team could count on. “We started our MPS program with Scantron about four or five years ago because of their performance with our Zebra printers prior to that,” says Kurt Kaestner, Bradley’s IT director.

Because the business required a range of printers (Zebra, dot matrix and laser) for different parts of their operations, and used a mix of brands, including HP, Lexmark and Kyocera, the IT department had to work with five separate vendors to keep their machines online. “The Zebras create labels for the product and shipping; that’s critical. The laser printers are printing off installation instructions,” says Kaestner. In addition, toner inventory management created a substantial hassle. “We had a whole closetful of different types of toner that IT was expected to have available. Bringing in a third party just seemed like the right thing to do.”