Solving problems in education requires a strong foundation of effective data collection and strategic analysis. Evidence-based actions can help you move the needle on student achievement.

Who Should Watch?

  • Instructional leaders
  • Assessment directors
  • Principals
  • Superintendents
  • Any educator interested in evidence-based instructional adjustments

You Will Learn How To:

  • Explore real-world examples of data-driven problem solving.
  • Identify ways to improve transforming data into action.


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Join Scantron’s experts to learn how Calcasieu Parish, Baldwin County Public Schools, and Edgewood ISD implemented successful interventions by collecting, analyzing, and acting upon the right data at the right time:

  • Target areas of instructional enhancements to improve student scores on state tests, including exposing performance on specific skills—which is where instructional interventions are most helpful.
  • Identify students “on the bubble” (those students scoring slightly above or below benchmarks on any given assessment) and using the data to design and track interventions to help those students improve their scores and to keep others from sliding backward.
  • Compare test scores over several years and from multiple tests to gain a clear picture of student achievement under state standards, which drives instructional adjustments and interventions to prepare students for the future.


Featured Speakers

Dr. Tina McMechen, Director of New Business Development, Scantron


Dr. Valerie Batley-Brown,
Client Program Manager, Scantron


Ebbe Divins,
Sr Client Program Manager, Scantron