Training Details

The learner will understand the item writing process, including instruction on the important points of skillful question writing to ensure that tests contain quality items that assess state standards. (This course is delivered by our highly qualified Assessment Services team.)


1 Day (onsite)


Working knowledge of personal computers.


This course is recommended for Curriculum Coordinators, District Training Staff, General Education Teachers, and Special Education Teachers.

System Requirements

Customer must provide a classroom‑type environment including:

  • one LCD projector
  • one PC per student
  • high-speed Internet access
  • Assessment Planning
  • Item Development
  • Bias Guidelines
  • Editing Guidelines
Class Format

Instructor-led workshop with hands-on participation and exercises.


$2,800 * (Instructor expenses included)
Maximum twenty students.

  • Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.

  • Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.
    ** Sessions may be cancelled if they do not meet minimum enrollment

Contact Info

Call: 800-722-6876 x 7458