Community Unit School District (D200), in DuPage County, Illinois, is seeing increased student achievement and decreased behavior issues. They use Scantron’s assessment and analytics solutions to help educators meet and surpass district goals.

D200 supports more than 12,000 students in K–12. They inspire, educate, challenge, and support students and educators in 23 facilities in Wheaton and Warrenville as well as several outlying locations. D200 characteristics include:

  • 65% Caucasian, 17% Hispanic, 7% African American, 6% Asian, and 4% multiracial students
  • PARCC Grades 3–8 scores exceed state averages:
  • 66% meet or exceed in English Language Arts (state average: 38%)
  • 47% meet or exceed in Mathematics (state average: 29%)
  • Graduation rate is 93%, with 11 National Merit Finalists
  • 41% of students taking Advanced Placement exams pass with a 3 or higher


D200 started with traditional paper testing but soon realized they needed a better process. “Our existing product didn’t work, and Scantron has a great reputation,” says Julie Oziemkowski, Director of School Improvement for D200.

They needed a solution that provided online results and item analysis for teachers to use but also supported plain paper testing as they began their journey to online testing.

A multi-ethnic group of high school age students are studying together and doing homework. One girl is standing with her textbook and is smiling while looking at the camera.

Schools adopt technology at different rates as services become available and affordable. D200 wanted to ensure that the same tests could be delivered both on paper and online so their transition could be smooth and thoughtfully handled.

Beyond the assessments themselves, acquiring and presenting data for analysis was cumbersome. They relied on a manual process using Excel spreadsheets that they called “the Beast,” which was unwieldy and rapidly became too big to manage as educator appetite for making evidence-based decisions increased.

Enter Scantron assessment and analytics solutions.


In 2008, they switched to Scantron’s fixed-form, on-grade assessment solution. The solutions provides item creation, test management, and, most important to D200, delivery of the same test items using a paper or online form. In 2011, they completed their move to online assessments.

They use Scantron item banks to construct their tests and particularly take advantage of the ability to create shared district tests. “The ability to develop district tests provides transparency,” says Oziemkowski. “We’re able to dig into shared info and have rich conversations about how to adjust instruction.”

“With all this data at our fingertips, we’re better prepared for ESSA and accountability. We’re really feeling ahead of the game.”

Dr. Julie Oziemkowski, Director of School Improvement, Community Unit School District 200

D200 also enjoys the customizable performance bands the assessment supports. “We can apply the same language and segments used by state tests to our district test score analysis,” states Oziemkowski.

On a deeper level, D200 appreciates the item analysis statistics provided within the solution. “It’s so helpful for improvement,” says Oziemkowski. “The validity data is huge for us.”

Data ReportThis data-driven approach is key to the district’s continued path of improving on their success. In SY 2013–2014, D200 added Scantron Analytics, an interactive, data-exploration solution. Scantron Analytics provides D200 with one-stop access to all their student data in one location, without needing a cumbersome data warehouse.

“Tying in assessment results to all our other student data has been instrumental in driving instruction and intervention,” states Ozeimkowski. “Scantron Analytics makes data easy to use.”

Because the system is easy to use, Oziemkowski can focus on training staff to use data, rather than on how to use the system. She delivers what she calls “Bookmark Binges” where she works with teams to identify and locate the data that answers their pressing questions, which they then bookmark for later reference. The data is automatically refreshed, ensuring that the bookmarked dashboards are always current.

“The higher number of logins to the solution a school has, the higher their state test results are. And schools who are using Scantron Analytics are seeing reduced behavior problems.”

Dr. Julie Oziemkowski, Director of School Improvement, Community Unit School District 200


D200 is beginning to train teachers to implement similar methods in classroom formative testing. “We like the CC Checks item and test banks because the items have rigor, the tests are quick, and they’re high quality, so we don’t need a long test to measure student progress. Less really is more,” Oziemkowski states.

They’re seeing some definite results. “The higher number of logins to the solution a school has, the higher their state test results are,” reports Oziemkowski, “And schools who are using Scantron Analytics are seeing reduced behavior problems.”

D200 relies on the flexibility and reliability of Scantron’s solutions. “Teachers can see scores immediately after the test is complete—there’s no waiting for results,” notes Oziemkowski. “The tests just work. They’re flexible and reliable. And with all this data at our fingertips, we’re better prepared for ESSA. We’re really feeling ahead of the game.”

Scantron is pleased and proud to be able to assist these innovative and successful educators.