You’re spending a lot of effort reaching out to your customers. You want to differentiate your institution through a superior experience. Are they paying attention, or are your messages being drowned out? How do you measure and improve the experience?

  • You have thousands of account owners, but can you predict whether they’ll leave or stay? What if you could reduce attrition and and turn them into active advocates?
  • How does your customer experience stack up against that of your competitors?
  • What are you using to drive employee recognition and where are you getting the data to improve training?

To thrive, you need to capture objective customer (and employee) engagement data and use it as the starting point for long-term, sustainable growth.

In this recording, Jackie Holt, Associate Psychometrician for Scantron, discusses a solution to improving profitability through assessment of engagement and loyalty. You’ll learn:

  • Why loyalty and engagement are not an “initiative” but a vital strategy
  • How benchmark data, consistent survey items, and reporting can give you an advantage
  • How to discover which touchpoints matter most to customers or members and to your bottom line
  • How to factor for diverse preferences and expectations

We’ll explain how the AllianceLink® Financial Series solution enables community banks and credit unions to be more competitive by acquiring deep and longitudinal intelligence about their customer and member experiences.

Learn more about AllianceLink Financial.

About the Presenter

Jackie Holt is an Associate Psychometrician at Scantron with nearly a decade of experience in statistics, psychometrics, and research. She leverages her quantitative and qualitative expertise to help organizations with assessment and survey development, data collection, scoring, analysis, and reporting. She has helped a diverse group of clients from small businesses to large organizations make evidence-based decisions using data analysis techniques. Her unique skillset has influenced many industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and financial services.