Most small and medium businesses consider outsourcing IT service and support. They want reliable experts with industry certifications who can align the IT environment with their business needs and solve problems promptly. But is it worth bringing in a third party?

Watch this webinar to learn the full breadth of IT considerations, including those that may be overlooked, as well as why and when outsourcing makes sense. Scantron’s Dave Koopmans discusses critical “real world” benefits of outsourcing, with an emphasis on taking advantage of enterprise IT best practices. You will learn:

  • What’s the real advantage, in practice?
  • What factors should principals and IT owners use to make a business case and select a service offering?
  • Real-world examples of SMBs who outsourced
  • Questions to help you weigh your decision criteria

About the Presenter

With more than 40 years in IT, Dave Koopmans has been constantly engaged in the integration of the PC and computing into our daily lives. As Manager of the Scantron Technology Solutions presales team, he supports the SMB and Enterprise teams nationwide. Dave has previously held roles in presales, consulting, development and instruction at Scantron, Microsoft, and others. He is based in Scantron’s Omaha, Nebraska office.

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