5 Ways to Use Classroom Testing to Combat Unfinished Learning


Combatting unfinished learning is a challenge. How can you best identify where students are in their learning and design the most effective strategy to get them back on track?


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Classroom testing measures student progress toward goals in the moment of learning. You get immediate, standards-based feedback so you can adjust instruction to meet each student where they are and use data to help them get to where they need to be.

Join Scantron experts as we explore the benefits of:

  • Testing early and often, using targeted tests that match what you just covered.
  • Polling as you teach to engage students and measure their comprehension in real time.
  • Collaborating with other teachers in your department or PLC to create a consistent and equitable testing experience for all students.
  • Including student prediction, confidence rating, and post-test reflection in your testing process.
  • Making evidence-based decisions driven by student test results as soon as the test is complete.

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Mary Michael Pontzer
VP Portfolio Management
Tim Butterfield
VP Sales K12 Major Accounts