Class Climate 7.0 Release Focuses Scantron’s Continuous R&D on Measuring Learning Outcomes, Enhancing Evaluations for Team-taught Courses, Accessibility, and Learning Management System Connections.

Scantron Corporation provides the latest in automated course evaluation and analytics. With the release of Class Climate version 7.0, Scantron improves the industry-leading course evaluation software with new features and expanded capabilities. Class Climate is the solution for higher education institutions and corporate training groups to provide evaluations via mobile, online, and paper surveys.

One of the hottest topics in course evaluation is measuring student achievement of learning objectives. The new version of Class Climate includes support for this crucial element of learning experience. Users can now add questions to provide student self-evaluations of their performance on learning outcomes. Administrators can define a catalog of learning outcomes and targets or instructors can define these individually for their courses. Dual-Scale reporting functions compare target vs actual performance on learning outcomes.

While earlier versions of Class Climate supported team-taught courses, version 7.0 takes this support to a higher level. Users can include questions for secondary instructors as part of the master course survey: administrators can create these questions or instructors can define questions for their course segments. Class Climate provides easy access to reports and module survey parts for all instructors assigned to the course. The system even provides separate recipients, where appropriate, in online surveys for course segments to streamline the survey experience by showing only pertinent questions.

Scantron is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of accessibility and responsive design so all students and instructors can participate in the evaluation process, regardless of their physical abilities or the device used. Class Climate focuses on responsive design, testing, and optimization of phones and devices for primary survey collection, while also embracing and complying with accessibility requirements and certifications that provide more opportunities for all students to participate in online surveys. Version 7.0 has been certified to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) guidelines.

Class Climate delivers strong support for connecting with your learning management system (LMS) with student and instructor portals. Version 7.0 adds instructor portals and updates our most commonly used connectors to work within the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) framework and ensure course evaluations are a seamless part of the class experience.