Compass Learning, Inc., and Scantron Corporation, announced product integration and a strategic alliance that will help education professionals produce better learning outcomes by delivering on the promise of Personalized Learning. The combination of Scantron’s Performance Series® with CompassLearning Odyssey® provides teachers with immediate assessment results and a personalized learning path designed to the specific learning needs of each student that is aligned with state and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

“We are excited about what the integration of these two solutions does to pinpoint and meet the instructional needs of each of our students, while automating administrative tasks so our teachers can focus on accelerating student learning,” said Dr. Shelly Mize, Superintendent, Tarrant City Schools, AL. “With the combination of Performance Series and Odyssey, teachers have immediate access to data that enables the most accurate placement of each student, engaging educational content to meet the individual learning needs of each student, and measurement data and reports to inform instructional adjustments and measure progress. It is a winning combination for teachers, students and parents.”

The integration makes it easier than ever for school districts that are using products from both companies to identify each student’s specific learning level, and automatically design a personalized instructional solution that can align to both state standards and Common Core State Standards. The personalized learning paths are automatically created in three simple steps:

Compass Learning imports test data from Performance Series.  Then learning paths are automatically assigned to each student.  After assigning the learning path, students complete a range of Compass Learning activities, built on decades of research about how kids engage and learn, and linked directly to their learning needs and abilities.

“Educators, Compass Learning and Scantron share a vision in which every student develops the academic and personal skills needed for college and career,” said Eric Loeffel, CEO of Compass Learning. “Together, Compass Learning and Scantron are able to provide educators insight into the individual needs of each and every student, as well as rigorous and engaging instructional content that empowers teachers and provides students with a personal path to success. We also provide measurement and reporting that teachers use to inform instruction around the progress of each individual. It is a powerful solution.

“We are excited about this strategic alliance and the benefits it will provide to school districts across the country,” said Kevin Brueggeman, CEO of Scantron. “Because we are utilizing valid and reliable data to inform instruction, educators can now have an extremely accurate matching of a student’s unique learning profile with appropriate content. This perspective supports teachers in targeting their efforts and time to constantly adapt learning paths for each student. The ultimate goal is, of course, acceleration of each student’s growth and achievement.”


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