Scantron’s Decades of Experience and Extensive Traditional and Digital Solutions Offer Education Institutions the Tools Necessary to Fully Engage With the Newly Implemented Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Scantron Corporation is ready to partner with states and districts that require support for new assessment and accountability measures under ESSA. Through its products and services, Scantron supports state, district, and school assessment and analytics efforts with the flexibility to match today’s environment and seamlessly adapt to the future.

Recent changes in legislation have created new opportunities and expanded flexibility for how states develop and administer summative assessments. Under “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top,” states were restricted to narrow definitions of student achievement, measured by a single summative test score. Under ESSA, states can move away from Adequate Yearly Progress and towards Annual Meaningful Differentiation.

Annual Meaningful Differentiation is a new way to think about identifying student growth and school improvement that enables states to broaden their definition of success. It can incorporate traditional measures, such as assessment scores, and non-traditional measures, such as graduation rates, climate surveys, and other crucial but previously unconsidered data points. States can develop success thresholds (differentiation) based on their own challenging state standards and present a clearer vision of student achievement supported by multiple measures.

“Our services and solutions can help districts build a unified approach to ESSA for both traditional and non-traditional assessment,” said Nikki Eatchel, Senior Vice President of Assessment. “We also have the analytics tools necessary to show all of those results in context with each other and with other related pieces of student information such as discipline, attendance, and more. What we offer provides support for both college- and career-ready education.”

“The educational ecosystem will always be changing, and educators need solutions that evolve without disrupting instruction,” said Marissa Larsen, Vice President, Education Portfolio. “Scantron understands the new law and the funding requirements inherent within it. We can help education institutions chart a course through ESSA and build flexible solutions that adjust to changing environments.”

In addition to understanding the ESSA requirements, Scantron provides a comprehensive set of solutions that help improve student outcomes in K–12 education. It offers software and services to meet the needs of customers’ assessment programs regardless of where they are on the technology spectrum—pure paper, pure online, or anywhere in between. To further help education institutions with their ESSA process, Scantron also offers a wide variety of recorded webinars.


Scantron is a leading global provider of assessments, analytics, technology services, and data capture solutions that empowers organizations to monitor, measure, and understand information in order to improve effectiveness. It serves organizations of all sizes including education institutions, commercial industries, and government agencies worldwide. For more than four decades, the Scantron brand has been recognized as the trusted source for reliable data capture, assessment, and analysis. Scantron is also a leading, national provider of managed IT and print services, as well as hardware maintenance solutions under its Harland Technology Services brand. Headquartered in Eagan, MN, Scantron Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings.


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