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“Assessments should complement each other in a way that defines a coherent system of measures. Assessments should be administered in only the numbers and duration that will give us the information that is needed and nothing more. Multiple assessments of the same students for similar purposes should be minimized or eliminated.”

What if there were a single test you could administer two to four times a year that took less than an hour to provide a coherent system of measures?

Scantron’s computer-adaptive, fully-digital balanced assessment system provides adaptive tests that are grade-level independent to measure current ability and advances over time (i.e., how much have they grown?) plus fixed-form, on-grade tests that concretely measure whether students have proficiency in a specific set of knowledge (i.e., do they understand this grade-level standard today?). Help your teachers be better informed to make evidence based decisions and improve your multimetric accountability.

The Performance Series test provides scaled scores that are independent of grade level so you can diagnose underlying skill gaps. Because our reports identify gaps beyond the standard/strand level, going all the way down to individual skills instead, you can intervene and remediate students in a much more targeted way.

The Achievement Series test expands subject coverage beyond the “core four.” Using our powerful item editing and assessment development engines, you can create items and link them directly to state or industry certification standards, then place those items in reusable exams.

Need help developing items and exams? Our assessment development experts are ready to help you at any stage of the assessment development process.

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Expand your multimetric approach

Need better access to your measures for your multimetric accountability system? Scantron Analytics is an integrated reporting platform that goes beyond simple reporting to provide interactive, real-time dashboards and visualizations so you can explore your data with simple mouse clicks. See a broad overview, easily aggregate and disaggregate student groups, and even drill down to individual student profiles. Include data from all your sources—no data warehouse needed!

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Looking to incorporate or expand your use of non-traditional measures such as climate or engagement surveys? Look no further! We have a team of survey experts ready to help you with paper, online, or even telephone surveys. We can design the survey questions, print and mail forms, conduct telephone interviews, and much more. Whether you need consultation, end-to-end management, or anything in between, you can rely on Scantron expertise.

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