Bringing Assessment Solutions
to the Middle East and North Africa Region

Launching and growing assessment programs in the Middle East and North Africa takes time, effort, and local expertise. ConnecME has experience and methodologies to work with local organizations for adoption and support of global assessment programs—with teams on the ground in each country to help maintain and grow participation in your programs.


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No Broadband? No Problem!

Computer-based testing is an effective way to deliver tests to a wide variety of test-takers at a reasonable cost. Computer-based testing is still considered synonymous with online, meaning that many ministries of education, universities, schools, and other organizations avoid this type of testing because of concerns with reliable internet access or infrastructure issues.

Scantron Assessment Solutions and ConnecME Education have a solution. Our unique, proprietary testing solution can seamlessly deliver online or offline exams to schools and testing centers that:

  • Have limited bandwidth
  • Struggle with reliable internet connectivity
  • Serve a wide geographic area with varying infrastructures

Scantron and ConnecME provide a powerful combination of expertise and experience to supply the best exams and surveys with the most flexibility to the Middle East and North Africa.

What solutions are available?

World Class Assessment and Psychometric Expertise

Scantron is a global leader in assessment development and psychometrics, with unique, across-the-board expertise in certification, licensure, pre-employment, and educational assessment all under one roof. Combining our experience with the expertise of ConnecME, we can provide full- service support for our clients in the region.

Real-Time, Dynamic, and Interactive Analytics

View disparate sources of data in a single place without a data warehouse. Use dashboards to explore results dynamically, uncover new connections, and identify the key metrics you need to make effective decisions in today’s data-driven environment. For educators, the solution includes an Early Warning System to identify at-risk students faster.

Surveys that Deliver the Answers You Need

In addition to traditional exams, our experts can help you with a wide variety of surveys, including educational surveys for parents, teachers, and students, corporate surveys for employees and customers, and much more. We can help you ask the right questions and deliver surveys through multiple channels, increasing your response rates to give you better insights.

Best-in-Class Exam Proctoring

Committed to providing our clients and their candidates with the industry’s best test proctoring, we are the only proctor training program in the industry to be accredited by the American National Standard Institute’s Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP). Our proctors provide extensive experience in test administration and ensure testing proceeds in a safe, secure, and standardized way. When you need the very best in exam proctoring, turn to the smart solutions by Scantron and ConnecME.

K-12 Educational Surveys in the MENA Region