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Designing Data Gathering for Decision-Making

Making crucial decisions based on guesswork is a bad plan—we all know that. But how can you trust your data so that it forms a valuable and reliable part of decision-making? The answer is to follow a defined, repeatable process, whether you’re creating items for a survey or items for an exam.

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Evaluations and Beyond! Exploring the Universe of Institutional Research Surveys

There’s a whole universe of surveys out there—but which surveys will deliver meaningful data?  “If you have a question, we can find you an answer,” says our speaker, Dane O’Blanc.

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The Next Generation of Online Exams

Scantron is a leader in online digital exams, as well as course evaluations and the scannable forms you know and love. Join us as we introduce our latest digital assessment solution: EvaExam!

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5 Tips for Implementing Student Learning Outcomes

Amanda Kin, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at Jefferson State Community College in Alabama, discusses her department’s process to develop and measure meaningful student learning outcomes that drive and demonstrate institutional effectiveness.

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The Domino Effect of Universal Assessment Design

Assessment inconsistency can lead to unreliable results that usually show up just when the students need those skills the most. Scantron assessment development expert Jennifer Neal explores the cumulative effects produced when universal design is incorporated into assessments.

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