Actionable Reports for the Data-Driven Classroom

  • Analyze student performance against standards
  • Create differentiated instruction
  • Apply remediation approaches

Less Time Grading, More Time Teaching

  • Use existing tests and processes
  • Get rapid, accurate, reliable results
  • Export results to your grading system for longitudinal analysis

And Much More…

  • Capture student IDs at the same time as student scores.
  • Process multiple versions of the same test.
  • Scan student data using industry-leading Scantron® scanners
  • Capture archive images along with data (iNSIGHT scanners only)

Compare Bundle Options


Bundle Auto Feed High Speed Imaging Printer
OpScan 4ES/Remark Classic OMR®  X X    
iNSIGHT 4ES/Remark Classic OMR®  X X X X