Protect Essential Energy Workers

As an energy production firm, you know that keeping energy workers safe relies on diligence. You face a lot of challenges:

  • New processes during pandemics or other natural disasters
  • New or temporary workers who need to be educated about your safety processes
  • New types of projects or changes to workshifts

All of these challenges affect your safety program and may require expansions to your safety incident tracking. Scantron’s SafetyCapture helps you perform the safety tracking actions you need most:

  • Behavior-based observations to ensure workers are performing their everyday actions safely.
  • Inspections to ensure necessary equipment is functioning and in working order.
  • Checklists to ensure standard, regular tasks are performed and tracked as needed daily, weekly, or monthly

SafetyCapture offers a variety of options from web-based applications to desktop-installed software to make sure crucial safety information is captured, tracked, and available for analysis and action.

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