Before Carlos won a state award for Most Improved Schools, he struggled to predict his performance on the state report card.

As the youngest district superintendent in his state, Carlos always felt caught by surprise by the data on the state report card. There were so many metrics, and his assessment results just weren’t reported the same way. He needed a better assessment solution that not only provided a balance between measuring growth and on-grade performance, but tied those scores to state standards and had reports and analytics that kept him from being surprised. Then he discovered Scantron assessment and analytics solutions.

Scantron assessment solution reports, combined with Scantron Analytics, let Carlos see exactly how his students are performing against state standards, in the same format his state uses for its report card. Because of these insights, Carlos is working smarter than ever and feels confident that he knows exactly how his district measures up to state expectations.

Get More than a Score

Scantron’s fully-digital balanced assessment system featuring expert item bank and exam content improves your multimetric accountability and helps district educators be better informed to make evidence-based decisions.


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Digital Interim Assessments

Performance Series

  • Measure current ability and advances over time with scaled scores that are independent of grade level and norm-referenced
  • Identify achievement gaps beyond simple standard and strand for criterion-based targeted intervention and remediation
  • Robust item coverage in core subjects for grades K–12

Achievement Series

  • Concretely measure whether students have proficiency in a specific set of knowledge with digital, fixed-form testing
  • Create items on any subject using our robust, collaborative item editor
  • Streamline test development with available pre-defined item banks for core and CTE subjects
  • Ensure test-taking integrity with a secure browser

Expand your options

Need help developing items and exams?

Our assessment development experts are ready to help you at any stage of the assessment development process.

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Expand your Multimetric Approach

Need better access to your measures for your multimetric accountability system? Scantron Analytics is an integrated reporting platform that goes beyond simple reporting to provide interactive, real-time dashboards and visualizations so you can explore your data with simple mouse clicks. See a broad overview, easily aggregate and disaggregate student groups, and even drill down to individual student profiles. Include data from all your sources—no data warehouse needed!

Learn more about how Scantron Analytics provides a holistic, multimetric view of your student data

Looking to incorporate or expand your use of non-traditional measures such as climate or engagement surveys? Look no further! We have a team of survey experts ready to help you with paper, online, or even telephone surveys. We can design the survey questions, print and mail forms, conduct telephone interviews, and much more. Whether you need consultation, end-to-end management, or anything in between, you can rely on Scantron expertise.

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