You know you’ve made significant improvements. Unfortunately, the restrictive, grade-level, single-score marker required by NCLB may have caused you to lose focus on your very real achievements. Under ESSA, you can now let those improvements shine by demonstrating them via multiple measures, such as student growth over time, improved attendance, decreased high school dropouts and other measures that present a clearer picture of how far you’ve come.

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  • How can I provide meaningful assessments for all the schools in my state?
  • How can I see assessment results and other measures in the same place?
  • How can I predict student achievement so I can help my schools design effective intervention?

State educators know that assessment is a crucial part of today’s educational climate. They also realize the need to balance reduced testing time demanded by parents with accountability requirements that are based on high quality assessments aligned to challenging standards. Scantron has a range of assessment and analytics solutions that can help states achieve that balance.

Preventing High School
Dropouts by Using
Early Warning Indicators

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  • What indicators should I measure to identify students at risk of dropping out?
  • How can I see at-risk students at a glance?
  • How can I tell whether at-risk students are increasing or decreasing?

A crucial element of today’s educational climate is rapidly and routinely identifying students in danger dropping out of high school. The most recent statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics indicate that approximately 1.2 million students drop out of school every year. That translates to a student dropping out of school every 26 seconds. So how can you as an educator get to the root cause of why students are dropping out so you can design effective interventions?

Scantron’s Early
Warning System

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  • How can I identify at-risk students faster?
  • Can I define my own indicators?
  • How can I view changing student dropout risk profiles?
  • How can I disaggregate risk profiles by demographics or other characteristics?

A crucial trend in today’s educational climate is rapidly and routinely identifying students at risk of dropping out of school. Often, the data you need to identify these students is spread across multiple locations and formats, where it is difficult to see at a glance. Scantron Analytics Early Warning System provides a highly visual presentation that quickly summarizes trends in at-risk student population.

Viewing Students in 3-D:
Supporting School Improvement
Accountability Efforts with
Multiple Measures


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  • View multiple measures based on a complete picture of student data using our powerful interactive dashboards.
  • Discover how easy it is to identify and track students at risk of dropping out using an Early Warning System.
  • Explore the options provided by expert psychometric research connections across your accountability measures

This session is intended for state, district and school leaders who need a better solution for managing and reporting on the results of their transformational or turnaround efforts.