Scantron’s Balanced Assessment Solution

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  • Do I have to choose between fixed-form and adaptive testing?
  • How can a combined assessment solution support the comprehensive strategy I need to improve my school?
  • What can I get back from my assessments? I need reports!

At Scantron, we believe that assessment and instruction are inseparable. Assessments should reveal important insights about student learning and support your instructional choices so you can drive school improvement. That’s why Scantron developed Achievement Series and Performance Series. In concert, these two assessments measure both growth and on-grade performance against state standards.

Assessment Development: The Circle of Life

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  • What does a robust and effective cycle of assessment development look like?
  • How can I match this cycle to meet my specific needs?
  • How can I expand my development team’s capacity to develop assessments?

The assessment world is always evolving—new theories, ideas, and approaches are regularly introduced. How can educators create and maintain an assessment environment that truly measures student achievement? The key is having a stable strategy that follows a continuous improvement cycle.

Assessment Development and Psychometric Services

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  • What consulting and services are available?
  • How can I take advantage of this within my current assessment development plan?
  • How can I demonstrate exactly how my assessments are predicting student achievement in other areas?

As a leader in K–12 assessment, Scantron understands the challenges facing educators today. One critical challenge is to develop assessment blueprints and effective test items that accurately measure student achievement. Throughout the assessment development cycle, Scantron’s expert consultants can meet you where you are and help get you to where you want to be. Our comprehensive suite of assessment and research services helps you get the most out of your assessment-development process.

The Science of Measurement: Supporting Innovative Assessment Pilots

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  • Use our customizable assessment delivery platform, Achievement Series, to improve student achievement measurement via innovative assessment pilots delivered online or on paper to suit your technology readiness.
  • Discover the expertise Scantron assessment development experts can bring to designing innovative assessments that expand your measurement capabilities and approaches.
  • Work with Scantron psychometrics experts to design research studies to evaluate whether innovative pilot exams are accurately measuring student growth.
  • Explore how our powerful interactive dashboards give you a real-time and ongoing picture of pilot results.

This session is intended for district and school leaders who want to explore new and innovative approaches to summative assessments throughout the school year.