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Scantron Helps Baldwin County Schools Improve Its State Report Card

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Baldwin County Schools, Alabama, saw overall academic gains in nearly every school in the county. This innovative district raised its average scores on their state report card, supported by a four-part plan, curriculum leaders, and Scantron assessment and analytics solutions. This combination of efforts raised their average score from 82 to 85—with no schools in the D or F range. Watch highlights from their press conference and see what Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Academic Dean, has to say about how Scantron solutions helped.

Enhance Summative Assessments

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  • How can I provide meaningful assessments for all the schools in my state?
  • How can I see assessment results and other measures in the same place?
  • How can I predict student achievement so I can help my schools design effective intervention?

State educators know that assessment is a crucial part of today’s educational climate. They also realize the need to balance reduced testing time demanded by parents with accountability requirements that are based on high quality assessments aligned to challenging standards. Scantron has a range of assessment and analytics solutions that can help states achieve that balance.

Get More from One Score:
Using a Single Test
to Deliver Multiple Measurements

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  • How can I reduce overtesting and return critical instructional time to my schools in need of improvement?
  • What kinds of scores could I get from a single exam?
  • How can these multiple measures help me demonstrate improvement?

One of the biggest complaints that parents, teachers, and administrators have today is “too much testing!” These stakeholders express strong concern that as new standards are adopted, testing will increase even further. So what if there were a single test you could administer two to four times a year that took less than an hour to provide a coherent system of measures?

It turns out that there is: Scantron’s computer-adaptive assessment solution, Performance Series.

5 Key Differences
Between Reporting and Analysis

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  • How do I uncover the knowledge hidden in my data?
  • How can I see data from multiple sources in a single location without an expensive data warehouse?
  • How can I explore my data dynamically to gain insights?
  • How can I get real-time data?

A significant instructional change has occurred within the last decade: educators are focusing on using data to inform instruction, supported by a culture that is increasingly data driven. More and more, teachers are relying on this information as part of their daily practice. How can they overcome the significant challenges posed by disparate data sources and time-consuming report creation? Scantron Analytics makes it easy.

K–12 Stakeholder Surveys

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  • How can I connect my school improvement plan to community needs?
  • How can I discover what my teachers need to support summative exams?
  • How can I discover how district parents perceive my school’s performance?

Stakeholder surveys provide important information to help you measure the perceived experiences, attitudes, and opinions of students, staff, and parents. The more you know, the more you improve school district performance. Scantron can help with expert survey services or easy do-it-yourself software solutions.

Test What You Teach,
Not the Other Way Around:
Supporting Annual Summative Assessments
to Drive School Improvement

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  • Meet ESSA’s expanded definition of student growth with multiple measures and targeted assessments to prepare students for summative tests without “teaching to the test,” freeing crucial instructional time to support deep school improvements.
  • Explore the options provided by Scantron’s assessment development and psychometric experts to extend assessment item coverage and use formative and interim results to relate to student performance on summative tests.
  • Move beyond measuring improvement progress based on a single test score by using our powerful interactive dashboards—including multiple measures and results from predictive studies so you can design effective intervention programs.

This webinar is intended for district and school leaders who want to increase instructional time, while still preparing students for critical annual summative exams.