Providing Support for Off-Campus
Midterms and Finals

Whether you’re responding to a campus-wide closure, providing alternate testing for students with special needs, or simply want to provide an alternative to the traditional testing environment, supporting off-campus tests requires careful thought and a robust, reliable solution.

Web-Based Exams

While most LMS systems include a testing mechanism, it’s really intended more for quizzes and shorter knowledge checks. Many systems lack the ability to provide exams suitable for midterms and finals, such as timed tests, locked test browsers to reduce cheating, comparative reporting across terms, reusable question libraries with collaborative exam development, or support for multiple delivery methods.

Scantron’s EvaExam is a full-service, robust remote exam solution. Using EvaExam, you can deliver and score off-campus exams efficiently and effectively:

  • Host the solution and exams on our secure server or on your campus
  • Collaborate with peers within and across programs to develop shared question libraries
  • Deliver tests via mobile device, browser, or even paper by emailing students a PDF of the paper form, then scanning the returned tests.
  • Provide locked-down testing via a student-installed secure browser
  • Connect to your LMS to transfer exam scores to the course gradebook, review results in-progress, and remind students to complete the exam.
  • Enhance scoring and exam development with plugins such as:
    • A grading scale calculator to automatically adjust final scores after all grading is complete.
    • A rescoring function to regrade tests in the event of a scoring error or misidentified correct answer.
    • An importer to bring in IMS QTI-compliant questions and tests.

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