2020 was a tough year for educators. School closures imposed a new way of delivering instruction and measuring student progress while students and educators alike struggled with difficult personal situations.

The federal government recognized these difficulties, and has made funding available to support schools and districts heading into the new school year via the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund. A portion of these funds are specifically earmarked to address learning loss and unfinished learning due to the pandemic.

As educators, we know that not all students will recover in the same way or at the same pace. Some have actually lost learning that needs to be re-taught, while others simply missed instruction and could benefit from an accelerated path to cover the unfinished learning.

Scantron can help you gather the testing data you need to design the right solution—remediation, acceleration, or both—for each student:

  • District and teacher-driven classroom assessments that pinpoint what standards students have attained and where they need additional instruction.
  • An interactive, real-time analytics solution that contains an Early Warning System you can use to monitor whether students are on track.
  • Survey solutions you can use to check in with parents and students about remediation and acceleration efforts.

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