Scan it, Score it, Report it, Without the Heavy Lifting...

Go From Assessments to Reports Immediately.

How do you turn raw data into actionable reports without all the heavy lifting?

Step up to a Windows 10-compatible data capture solution.

What can you do with Scantron assessment solutions?

  • Multi-mode testing. Test, capture data, report and track — using online assessments, paper-based forms, or both.
  • “One Button Scanning.” Capture any data on forms customized to your needs, deliver it to your applications and output to reports without the tedious manual steps.
  • Historical test tracking. Re-use multiple test item banks for consistent candidate assessments and employee learning & development.
  • Blueprint design and assessment development. Work with a full-service, expert assessment development and psychometrics team.
  • Continuous improvement. Generate statistics and item analysis reports to measure course and assessment quality.

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Are you using LXR*Test? LXR support has ended! Contact us now to transfer your LXR item banks to ParSystem, an actively developed assessment solution.

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