High-stakes testing plays an important role in the careers of a wide range of professions. Certification and licensure are a requirement for many individuals to work in their chosen fields. In other cases, passing a high-stakes exams provides the means for these individuals to market their expertise to consumers — the public or the employers seeking skilled professionals.

A well-designed and executed high-stakes testing program is a critical component of a certification or licensure program. The benefits of a psychometrically sound program include:

  1. Brand identity that promotes the idea of protecting the public and other stakeholders
  2. Confidence among certificants and licensees in the high-stakes testing program’s quality and fairness.
  3. Recognition, and support from professional, legislative, and regulatory bodies
  4. An added revenue stream to the credentialing body as candidates pay fees to take the high-stakes testing or maintain their certified status.
  5. Belief in the value of the credential in the marketplace.

To learn more, download our white paper: What You Should Know About Creating High-Stakes Examinations.