When looking for testing options for your Certification or Licensure examinations, Scantron offers multiple methods.

Modalities to meet every client and candidate need.

Scantron’s secure examination delivery system, Scantron PASS™, supports multiple testing modalities, including testing at Scantron test centers, at clients test sites, or via live remote proctoring (LRP) with a single exam form publishing procedure. A client can elect a single modality or enable multiple modalities to best serve candidate and organization needs.

How does Scantron define live remote proctoring?

Live remote proctoring, also called live online proctoring or live monitored remote proctoring, provides a live proctor who monitors via web camera, the candidate and the examination during the entire testing session.

Who proctors the candidate’s testing appointment?

Well-trained and educated proctors monitor candidates during their testing appointment. Proctors receive extensive, world-class training on all aspects of the test administration cycle, including providing customer service, detecting aberrant behavior, and operating Scantron PASS. Proctors are instructed on procedures for candidate admission, security, time allocation, and other aspects of each unique administration. Throughout the testing process, proctors maintain tight security of the candidate and the examination through constant observation.

How does Scantron deter cheating and protect intellectual property?

Scantron uses the same high standards in LRP that we enforce in our test sites. Scantron protects your intellectual property before, during, and after exam delivery by offering multiple layers of protection to prevent test theft and deter cheating.  Backed by our secure testing engine, our guidelines focus on security during all stages of the examination process.

What data is needed to complete setup of live online proctoring?

In general, an organization provides data related to its examination forms, including item information, content outlines, test blueprints, and score reports and scoring protocols. Scantron and the organization work together to establish candidate data exchange services for the receipt of candidate eligibility data and the return of candidate scoring information. The organization implements secure file transfer protocols or webservices.

Why choose Scantron?

Scantron distinguishes itself from competitors through its reputation for stellar customer service, as well as the merger of psychometric expertise and technological capabilities. Scantron’s psychometric methodologies ensure the development of content-valid, reliable testing instruments while its online technologies enhance the convenience and cost-effectiveness of developing, administering, and maintaining a testing program.

Scantron is dedicated to providing an affordable product in addition to its exceptionally high level of customer service. Scantron tailors its services to meet the specific needs of each client, anticipates clients’ future requirements, and responds immediately to customer service needs. Scantron is confident that its highly qualified staff combined with its technological capabilities will allow clients to achieve both short-term and long-term objectives.

Working with Scantron as your testing vendor offers modality flexibility which is a unique advantage among test delivery providers. We offer our clients any combination of delivery options and can do so simultaneously so that you have more choices in order to support a variety of candidate needs.