As a fire and police training professional, your primary focus is to help grow and provide continual development for your fire and police workers. Many programs have adopted a digital approach, LXR included.

However, creating a paper-based archive provides the following value:

  • Helps maintain individual records
  • Keeps a detailed chain of evidence of trainee performance
  • Retains an exact image of test form

You have to manage a lot of requirements and exams associated with fire and police training. Using an automated test management system can help accurately measure the success of your program with these features and functionalities:

  • Using the same form for paper and online
  • Scoring and creating item banks and test print paper forms for traditional test administration
  • Directly archiving trainee responses
  • Maintaining equity through testing
  • Collecting data for reports

We understand the need for maintaining a paper trail and are here to help. Scantron offers a solution to import your LXR items and automatically scores your paper test. If you’re ready to reduce the burden associated with training, testing, and scoring for your fire and police training, contact Scantron.