Staying current with technology takes work even more with unexpected changes in IT needs.  With so much information being stored and shared across systems, it is imperative to continually reassess security practices and procedures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.

As many struggle to adapt to unexpected changes, increased remote work environments, and the need for additional technical support, the threat of cybersecurity is greater than ever.

Scantron’s Senior Security Engineer, Arturo Romero, sees it this way, “In today’s rapidly changing world of IT, we are constantly bombarded with cybersecurity incidents ranging from phishing email scams, to ransomware infections, to highly sophisticated government-sponsored attacks. As these events continue to increase in frequency, and the ingenuity of those attempting to gain our information change, how can you adapt to this ever-changing landscape? At Scantron Technology Solutions, we know that cybersecurity, like overall IT, isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. To have a successful cybersecurity program, you must determine your threats, assets, and vulnerabilities. Doing so will provide you with a guiding star to develop a cybersecurity program to meet today’s world.”

Scantron Technology Solutions takes a keen interest in validating and testing the integrity of security functions and mitigations in all types of operational environments.  Scantron can help ensure clients catch and manage shortcomings in security measures before malicious actors can take advantage of them.

Scantron’s Managed Security Services suite—a set of comprehensive environmental assessment, strategic planning, exhaustive policy review, and continuous monitoring solutions—helps reduce risk and improve security.

Scantron can help you improve email security for your organization.