How long have you been at Scantron?

I’ve been at Scantron for a little more than two decades. I was hired in 2000 by a start-up company known as EdVision, which was acquired by Scantron in 2002.

What job roles have you held at Scantron?

I’ve been fortunate to work in various roles during my tenure at Scantron. When hired, I worked with the Assessment Development team as a subject matter expert developing math and science test items, designing test blueprints, and managing standards alignments for many of our early K-12 customers. It was an exciting time to be on the ground level as a small group of people worked to launch some of the first versions of our computer-adaptive and fixed-form assessments. I then moved into a manager role within the Assessment Development team.

After a couple of years, I pivoted to the client program management and professional services team. For the next 10 to 15 years, I worked in various roles managing strategic customer programs as well as overseeing a team who managed the client implementations for states, districts, schools, and other national organizations.

Today I serve as the VP of Professional Services, where I am blessed with a phenomenal team of professionals who provide the client program management, training, and documentation for Scantron’s customer implementations that span across K-12, Licensure and Certification, International, and Government and Corporate markets.

What are some of your accomplishments during your time at Scantron?

On a personal level, throughout my time at Scantron, I’ve completed a number of graduate courses in Instructional Technology, as well as completing an Integrative Nutrition Program (a passion outside of work). I’ve also raised a family and enjoyed the flexibility of being a long-time remote team member.

Professional highlights of my time at Scantron include:

  • Managing and expanding a 14-year implementation of Scantron’s assessment solutions within the New York City Department of Education.
  • Participating in the design and development team for several new assessment services, including one of the early adaptive K-12 assessments in the market and the first offline computer administered assessment in the industry, delivered throughout the Middle East.
  • Being fortunate to lead high-performing teams who collaborate, innovate, and overcome challenges and change to produce superior results.

Tell us about your current role and what you’re looking forward to most within this role.

In my current role, I have much greater visibility across the markets that we serve and to the unique needs of our customers within those markets.

Historically we’ve had separate professional development teams by area/market, but we are working now to bring those teams together to create greater collaboration, synergy, and consistency in the way we support our customers. Each team member brings valuable strengths and knowledge that, when brought together, creates an experience-rich, highly skilled team that can set us apart in the industry.

I’m also looking forward to supporting several of Scantron’s strategic initiatives for the coming year, including the launch of Scantron’s newest assessment platform. We’ll be working hard to design and develop all new training programs, documentation, and implementation materials and processes to support our new offerings. We also will continue to focus on responding to the evolving and changing needs of our customers, whose programs have been impacted and altered by COVID.

What has kept you at Scantron for so long? The people, the work life balance, etc.?

Hands down, the people. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of best and brightest people in the industry who are also down-to-earth and who truly care about the well-being of their colleagues (and of their colleagues’ families). On the toughest days, I try to focus on the people and the trust and confidence I have in them.

In addition to the people, I’ve remained at Scantron due to the professional growth opportunities I’ve been afforded and the ability to have such a broad impact across a diverse assessment market.

What self-education tools do you leverage to sharpen your professional skills?

On my own time, I love to listen to podcasts and read articles, in addition to attending conferences, professional development webinars, and training sessions. At work, as time permits, my team selects books and/or articles that we read and discuss as a group to expand our knowledge/skillset and provide greater awareness and understanding of the markets we serve.

Who are you outside of work?

Outside of work, I am a health enthusiast, long distance runner, yoga instructor, and mom to my 15-year-old daughter. I live for the outdoors and embrace every opportunity to spend time in the mountains near my home in Rouses Point, New York. I love spending time with my family; we enjoy golfing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and so forth.

I am also an active member in the community serving as a board member for our local school district and volunteering time to improve various community programs and businesses.

What advice do you have for team members with goals to advance their careers in leadership roles?

My advice is to be your own self-advocate, communicating your long-term career goals with your manager and working to establish short term goals that can create a pathway for success. I encourage team members to network across the company and take advantage of the opportunity to get involved in cross-functional initiatives where you can affect change and meet people outside your department.

Many times, these relationships can provide mentorship or visibility to opportunities in other areas within the company. In addition, a strong work ethic, focus on quality, ability to adapt, and strong interpersonal skills are key to advancing your career.