This article was originally published as part of a larger white paper, Redefining ‘Full Service’ in Testing.

Scantron’s technology architecture was conceived with our clients’ best interests in mind. We design our services to sync with one another and to be wrapped in the industry’s only fully integrated technology solution that provides a convenient and seamless experience for the client. Our single platform ties all your services together from beginning to end.

Scantron’s Proprietary Software Tools Designed with Client Needs in Mind

Scantron Products

Agile Design Environment (ADE)®

ADE, Scantron’s item authoring, and banking tool offers a powerful online platform for reliable, thoroughly documented, and secure item and test development. Fully integrated with our test delivery system, ADE allows Scantron psychometric staff to work with client representatives to manage examination forms through development, delivery, and maintenance in a seamless manner. The tool supports geographically dispersed, asynchronous examination form creation, review, and approval, thereby eliminating travel expenses in many instances. Through ADE, examination forms are assembled to test specifications, and item performance statistics are readily available.  Unmatched in the market, ADE is highly configurable and user-friendly, reducing training time and increasing productivity. Recently, a client shared upon becoming an ADE user, “this is the most elegant piece of software I’ve ever seen”.

Scantron PASS™

Scantron PASS is a secure internet-based test delivery system. Developed and maintained by Scantron’s software engineers, the system leverages today’s testing technologies to support a variety of delivery options. The proprietary software is used exclusively by Scantron clients and is hosted by Scantron. Scantron PASS is maintained in state-of-the-art redundant architecture and is hosted in an enterprise-class data center that ensures the reliability and security required by the most demanding credentialing organizations.

And, because Scantron has designed our system to be Internet-based delivery rather than computer-based delivery, Scantron PASS never exposes more than one item at a time during the entire test administration process. The test center is never presented the entire examination all at once as is the case with other vendor systems.

Scantron Connect™

Scantron Connect offers clients an online credentialing and candidate management system (CMS) that serves as a single point of access to connect the candidate, credentialing organization, Scantron, and other stakeholder partners to facilitate a client’s various credentialing needs. Scantron Connect also offers you a configurable and cost-effective solution for program and data management.

Scantron ContentLock®

In addition to our test delivery system, Scantron offers you the best internet browser lockdown tool available anywhere. Scantron ContentLock, designed in-house by high-stakes testing experts, provides optimal testing environment security during a testing appointment.