Learn more about PASS, Scantron's secure internet-based testing systemScantron is known for adaptability and flexibility in helping clients create solutions that best meet their program needs. We have many notable advantages in terms of the security and reliability of our exam delivery system as well as the quality of our customer service.

Scantron has expertise in delivering tests via a variety of methods: paper-and-pencil, Internet-based testing, and/or Live Remote Proctoring. We offer unique flexibility, allowing you to use multiple delivery methods for the same exam. Scantron can also deliver exams at your testing location using your proctors. Our standard test administration procedures meet or exceed all requirements set forth in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing provided by the AERA, APA, and NCME (2014); these procedures are continually evaluated to ensure quality, consistency, and security.

Scantron stands alone in the industry as the only proctor training program accredited by the American National Standard Institute’s Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP). This exclusive accreditation ensures that our centers have highly qualified proctors who are effectively trained. The program targets all proctors who work specifically with Scantron sites and our IBT delivery system, PASS. These proctors come with considerable experience in test administration and have the knowledge and skills needed to perform as Scantron proctors while promoting testing in a safe, secure, and standardized fashion.

Scantron’s test delivery team is known throughout the industry for providing a level of support and service that exceeds the needs of even the most demanding programs. Through tracking and monitoring a variety of metrics to ensure quality candidate support, ongoing data suggests Scantron performs in ways that benefit you and your candidates most.