Pinpointing Where Students Are Now

2020’s “summer slide” is likely to be worse than previous years due to the interruption in learning caused by the ongoing pandemic and Spring school closures. Many districts cancelled Spring testing, leaving educators without an easy way to identify the extent of achievement loss over the summer. In many cases, educators must essentially start over with regard to tracking student attainment of state standards and skills. Scantron’s online, computer-adaptive tests, named Performance Series, can help by providing:

  • Coverage for mathematics, science, reading, and English Language Arts
  • Consistency across grade levels with ability measured via a scaled score
  • Items aligned to your state standards
  • Immediate results
  • Robust reporting that shows current ability level, a grade level estimate, and targeted next steps for each student
  • Decades of research proving the reliability and validity of tests and items

Performance Series tests are available in standard and express lengths to match your instructional schedule, cadence, and testing requirements. Secure lockdown browser available.

You need tests you can trust with results you can use immediately. Watch the video below to learn more about what our adaptive test reports offer.


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Administering Performance Series at Home (07:54)
Using Video Conferencing for At-Home Performance Series Tests (03:08)

Quickly Measure Student Knowledge—Remotely or in the Classroom

Quizzes4All provides quick, standards-based “checks” of student knowledge delivered via Scantron’s online benchmark assessment platform for Mathematics for grades 1–8 and English Language Arts for grades K–8. Teachers select quizzes aligned to the standards being taught so they can determine whether students have attained those standards.

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Supporting Students Whatever and Wherever They're Learning

Educators need flexibility in testing. Quick classroom quizzes, extensive item banks for rapid development of end-of-term exams, and the capability to create custom items and tests for core subjects and beyond are a big part of that required flexibility.

The current educational environment demands flexibility in test delivery as well. Online exams are a must for virtual learning, while equity issues require providing paper options as well.

That’s why Scantron developed our fixed-form assessment solution, Achievement Series. This solution delivers flexible options, such as:

  • Pre-designed item banks and quizzes to help check student knowledge quickly, delivered online or on paper, including coverage of:
    • K–8 Mathematics, including a Spanish-language option so that math tests measure math skills instead of English skills
    • Algebra and Geometry
    • Reading, including items specifically developed for early learners in grades K–2
    • English Language Arts
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • A selection of Career and Technical Education subjects
  • A development engine that lets districts create custom items that can be aligned to state standards and assembled into targeted tests on any subject to match any instructional cadence
  • An import option so educators can incorporate pre-written items from textbook publishers or other district-approved sources
  • Consulting at any or all stages of the assessment lifecycle by our team of expert assessment developers and psychometricians
  • Immediate results in targeted reports that help educators see how students performed

Watch the video below to learn more about what Achievement Series reports offer.


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Improve Assessment Literacy

Assessing what your students know and can do, interpreting the results of their assessments, and applying the results of their assessments to improve their learning is the core of assessment literacy. Learn more in our eBook, The Language of Assessment Literacy.

Identifying the Next Learning Steps

Educators and parents are often frustrated by testing because they see it as taking away from instructional time. But what if assessment scores weren’t the end result? What if test scores guided educators, parents, and students to personalized next steps that helped learners progress from the knowledge they have to the knowledge they need?

Scantron’s computer-adaptive test results provide a clear view of what skills and standards each student or class has attained and provide suggestions about the logical next steps to take. Beyond the insights gained by viewing the suggested learning objectives for a student or class, Scantron partners with the following instructional resource and personalized learning partners to help educators guide students:

  • The Lexile Framework for Reading connects our Reading measure to appropriate reading materials matched to a student’s ability
  • ACT’s netTrekker combines Scantron assessment results that identify students’ needs with easy access to targeted learning resources that effectively address these needs
  • A variety of Edgenuity personalized learning solutions help educators automatically create evidence-based, personalized learning paths based on students’ computer-adaptive test scores
  • The Classworks connector provides independent, skill-based instruction, generated individually for each student using their Scantron assessment results

Each solution is available as an add-on to Scantron’s computer-adaptive tests.


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