Academic Subject Solutions

As a Catholic educator, you take measuring your students’ progress seriously. That’s why Scantron provides a variety of solution to support Catholic schools:

  • Benchmarking and growth measures for math, reading, English Language Arts, and science in grades K through 12
  • On-grade assessments for any subject, including faith knowledge
  • Interactive visual analytics, including an Early Warning system for at-risk students
  • Stakeholder survey software and services for measuring student, parent, staff, and other community member opinion

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The Faith Knowledge Assessment

Scantron developed the Catholic Faith Knowledge Assessment to measure religious educational objectives. Scantron’s assessment solutions and services support core subject education and a deeper understanding of catechetical foundations using the same rigor and content we provide for public schools across the country. The Faith Knowledge Assessment applies the same level of rigor for religious education programs and other academic subjects.

Our solutions support both paper and online assessment on a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices, including most current popular browsers, iPad, Chromebook, and Kindle.

Supporting Existing Faith Knowledge Assessments

You may already have the content you need to support religious education across your dioceses and parishes. However, Scantron also provides cost-effective test scoring machines and forms so you can spend less time grading and more time teaching these important foundational concepts.

Learn more about the Archdiocese of Washington’s Scantron implementation.

“We wanted to approach the teaching of religion in the same way we approached other subjects. We needed the same rigor, with real data that could inform instruction. Students in Catholic schools can come in to the computer lab and take the Faith Knowledge Assessment using the same online testing systems and processes that they use to take a Math or Reading assessment. We’re able to examine student understanding, both strengths and areas for improvement, by grade.”

Le Shaun Quander-Mosley Director for Assessment and Research, Catholic Schools Office Archdiocese of Washington

“We get fast, efficient scoring that we can use to drive classroom improvements. [Previously], our data was not looked at carefully because it
was dated by the time teachers received it. [With Performance Series] we’re working with our teachers on implementing our growth culture. We’re setting SMART goals, informed by test results, because we can now see growth throughout the year. Scantron’s professional services team have been supportive and have provided excellent resolution to the few issues we’ve encountered. We almost feel like they’re part of our system, rather than an outside vendor—they just do what needs to be done.”

Dr. Leslie Lipovski Coordinator of Curriculum Catholic Diocese of Arlington School System

“By using Performance Series, we’ve gained back eight full days of instructional time—and we have the student score reports and instructional resources immediately…”

Dr. Carol Cary Superintendent of Secondary Education Archdiocese of Philadelphia