Assessment Development and
Psychometric Services

Services include:

  • Assessment Development
  • Professional Development 
  • Psychometric Support and Research 

See Assessment Development Services for more details.

Other Services:

  • School districts across the country have benefited from Scantron’s innovations over decades that support large-scale assessment programs. See Assessment Support Services for more information.
  • To ensure accurate results and produce cost-effective test forms, Scantron offers world-class, quality printing.  For more details, please visit our Print Services page.
  • Too many tests, not enough time? Scantron can scan test forms—transforming them into actionable data—and deliver output files, detailed reports, or both. See the Data Processing Services brochure for details.

Scantron is a Leader in K-12 Assessment

Check out our new infographic and see for yourself how Scantron delivers billions of digital and paper assessments to 40 states in the US. More than 2 million students take our tests every year!

Add stakeholder surveys to your multiple measures approach
Incorporating a more comprehensive set of measures into your definition of school and student success is a crucial element for delivering educational equity. ESSA requires states to examine multiple measures and use the results to make evidence-based decisions. Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to simplify assessing knowledge and perceptions using multiple measures.

Join our webinar to explore how multiple measures can

  • Expand your definition of student success.
  • Adjust instruction based on differentiated feedback.
  • Use both assessment and stakeholder perception data within analytics that drive school improvement

Scantron Supports States Infographic