Course Evaluation & Survey

An ongoing course and instructor evaluation program is the cornerstone of success for many institutions. Scantron can help automate this crucial process using Class Climate for evaluations and other surveys. Deliver via mobile, online, and paper to give respondents a range of options. Distribute reports automatically to instructors and other stakeholders.


Class Climate

Gathering feedback about all aspects of campus life (e.g., instructor and course evaluations, services…


Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in Class Climate

As colleges and universities move to incorporate the achievement of student learning outcomes into…

Case Study

Mississippi State University Saves Staff Effort on Course Evaluations Using Class Climate

A public university with more than 16,000 students, Mississippi State University (MSU) uses Class…


Class Climate: Moodle™ Integration Brochure

Class Climate’s Moodle integrations make it more convenient for students and instructors to access…


Class Climate: Blackboard Integration Brochure

The Blackboard integrations for Class Climate make it more convenient for students and instructors…


Class Climate: D2L Integration Brochure

Class Climate’s D2L integrations make it more convenient for students and instructors to access…


Measuring Course Quality: Exploring Basic Issues

Student course evaluations involve assumptions about what makes good teaching and what performance standards…


Enter the 4th dimension: Outcome-Based Evaluation

On-Demand COST: FREE This webinar explores the fourth dimension of teaching quality: outcome. We…


Class Climate: Canvas Integration Brochure

Class Climate’s Canvas integration makes it more convenient for students and instructors to access…


Class Climate Data Access Layer (DAL)

The Class Climate Data Access Layer (DAL) allows direct access to Class Climate data,…


Class Climate Data Bridge

Data Bridge is an easy-to-use tool that transfers information from external data sources to…

Certification Assessment

Backed by 30 years of experience in the science of psychometrics and training development, Scantron understands what it takes to successfully launch and maintain a quality credentialing program. Our expert team of testing and instructional design professionals, supported by an accomplished full-services certification and licensure testing division, helps your stakeholders excel in their profession via the development and delivery of competency-based testing, training, and high-stakes certification programs.

Analytics Solutions

Scantron believes having data isn’t enough—it needs to be transformed into answers. Our analytics solution collects data from multiple sources without having to pass it through a cumbersome data warehouse. We then display dashboards and visualizations that provide answers at the click of a mouse.

Technology Services

Scantron Technology Solutions provides managed IT, managed print, and hardware installation, maintenance, and support services that keep critical infrastructure operational.


Scantron Technology Solutions Overview

We provide critical support — onsite and remote — to organizations that do not have in-house IT support or that need to supplement their existing IT support program. At more than 52,000 sites nationwide, customers use our solutions to keep their organizations running smoothly and productively.


MPowerPrint Managed Print Services

Find Savings and Free Up Your IT Staff - With MPowerPrint, you can strategically plan printer fleet management, rein in consumables costs, monitor all devices, and enjoy just-in-time replenishment of consumables. qualified STS Field Service Personnel respond to onsite service needs promptly. Manage costs and experience less downtime.


MPowerPrint + Xerox Refresh Program

Refresh your aging copiers or multifunction printers with a Xerox A3 MFP printer and MPowerPrint managed print services, the best solution for small and medium businesses.


How to Develop a Print Strategy for Your Organization

An effective print strategy calls for assessing your organization’s needs and resources, weighing all of the costs, risks, benefits and limitations of your printer fleet, and developing a plan that will help you get the most out of your print technology.


IT Security Myths and Mayhem: Fighting FUD

Cut through the panic and hyperbole. Learn the key parameters of a solid network security model, detail the basic security components every business needs, and discover approaches to be proactive without drowning your payroll or capital budget.


Windows End of Support Executive Summary

What you need to know about end of support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

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