EvaExam Assessment Automation

Deliver the right exams to the right participants, automatically. EvaExam is a training assessment system that allows you to design, deliver and capture exams, retain historical data, and re-use test items. It supports both online and paper-based testing. Because exams can be reused or based on shared question libraries, you get a more consistent testing approach. Role-based administration ensures test security, while still supporting collaboration for courses taught by multiple trainers.

EvaExam supports the following item types:

  • Multiple choice (single or multiple response, including KPRIM support)
  • True/False
  • Open response
  • Gridded response (for handwriting recognition)
  • Matching

Scoring is made easier

As you create questions individually for tests or to be included in a question library, you can supply correct answers to support automated grading (for all types except open response). For open response questions, you can provide scoring guidelines. You can add explanations and references to support practice exams and improve student achievement. In addition, you can also set a score threshold to automatically identify results as pass/ no pass. And, you can set time limits on tests that automatically close learning progress checks and see results immediately.

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Scantron’s ParSystem® is a standards-based test management and delivery solution you can use to administer end-of-course and licensure practice exams in your program. ParSystem takes the manual work out of creating and scoring tests, transferring scores to your gradebook, and preparing reports. ParSystem offers both online and paper testing to match your technology readiness, plus a wide variety of reports you can use to gauge student progress and adjust instruction.

With ParSystem, you can:

  • Create item banks with up to 5000 questions in various formats
  • Group questions by objective and keywords
  • Set up answer keys, grading scales, and learning objectives so you can automatically score tests.
  • Connect individual test items to crucial accreditation or certification standards, such as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) standards or National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) nursing certifications.
  • Score online and paper based tests quickly and easily
  • Export grades for easy transfer to your gradebook (including Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and many more).
  • Prepare one or more of up to 30 built-in graphical reports—you can even schedule reports to run automatically when you need them:
    • Test results
    • Grading criteria
    • Item Analysis
    • Progress reports
    • Student profiles
    • Test blueprints
    • And much more

Accurately and efficiently measure the successes of your professional development and training

ParSystem’s three modules work together to help you create, administer, and score tests on paper and online:

  • ParTest stores and creates item banks and tests print paper forms for traditional test administration
  • ParTest Online adds online test delivery for your existing ParTest exams
  • ParScore scans and scores paper tests, stores results from online tests, and provides a wide variety of reports

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