EvaSys delivers high-impact automated course and trainer evaluations with measurable feedback. EvaSys is an evaluation and survey solution your entire organization can use.  Features include:

  • A single survey development for mobile, online, and paper delivery.  EvaSys automatically displays the right format for the device.
  • All results are stored in a single database so you see unified results at a glance.
  • Scheduled reports provide trainer feedback rapidly and automatically.
  • Quality Measurement Dashboard displays results as soon as participants respond.
  • Simplified tracking matches your organization’s training program structure.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money by automating traditionally manual tasks such as form creation and distribution, response collection, trainer communication, and data analysis.
  • Provide online evaluations without sacrificing response rates in a modern, responsive, and accessible online environment, while still supporting paper if you need it.
  • Ensure privacy and anonymity with secure logins and role-based system access.
  • Increase candid and constructive feedback with anonymous questionnaire responses, while retaining connections to employee or participant records so you know who has responded.
  • Support different programs with different needs, including measuring learning outcomes, supporting team-taught courses, and much more.

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SurveyTracker Plus®

With SurveyTracker Plus®, you will be able to quickly gather essential feedback through superior, easy-to-use, robust software, supporting seamless automation of paper surveys. Used with Scantron® scannable forms and scanners,  SurveyTracker Plus provides an accurate, efficient survey solution for your program.

SurveyTracker Plus is responsive to your exact timing and needs, with embedded tools you can use to design effective surveys, deliver them cost-effectively via multiple methods, and easily view results.

Depending on how you want to distribute your survey, we have two SurveyTracker Plus products to suit your needs:

  • SurveyTracker Plus—Supports scannable forms, USB, and kiosk surveys
  • SurveyTracker Plus Email/Web—Supports scannable forms, Web, USB, and kiosk surveys

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  • Wizards: Easily create an online or paper survey or report, define a survey style, or distribute surveys
  • Libraries: Save time with pre-developed content such as surveys, questions, images, survey styles, or reports, or create your own
  • Questions: Create and reuse questions and scales


  • Audience List: Send to your entire audience or generate a statistically valid sub-sample of the list
  • Hidden Questions: Reduce survey length and increase reporting options by pre-populating selected questions from linked audience data

Data Collection

  • Scanning: Use integrated Scantron scanners to avoid manual data entry
  • Online Surveys: See responses as soon as forms are submitted
  • Image Clips: Collect hand-written responses from write-in questions on paper forms

Reporting and Analysis

  • Multiple Table and Graph Formats: Choose from many types of tables and graphs that can be customized to suit your needs
  • Advanced Data Filtering: Pinpoint and display the results how you want, including time trends and data comparisons

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