Scantron has built an excellent reputation for the development of high-stakes examinations and practice tests.

For fields ranging from engineering to medical technology to physical fitness, Scantron develops tests for the certification or licensure of professionals, to assess the knowledge and skills of employees for training purposes or as a pre-employment check for potential hires. Scantron’s assessment services provide quality and consistent assessment development solutions that are reliable and legally defensible.

Examination Development

Scantron’s assessment experts and psychometricians set and follow strict standards as they move from test design to development to scoring. They conduct job and practice analyses to prepare skillful task classifications, construct and conduct surveys and interpret results for examination improvement.

Practice Test Development

Practice tests are designed to help prepare candidates for certification or licensure examinations. Scantron builds practice tests to the same specifications as the actual examinations to give users exposure to examination formats and the types of questions that will be included. Scantron works with its clients to design tests that provide diagnostic or predictive feedback as needed.

Expert Assessment Development Services

Accustomed to the rigors of legal defensibility, Scantron’s assessment experts and psychometricians draw on proven methodologies and cutting-edge theory to produce valid, reliable test results.

We begin with a comprehensive review of the customer’s testing needs and wants. This allows us to develop a unique assessment services approach that aligns with your organizational goals and mission. Our review clearly identifies your organization’s requirements, including exam development, online practice tests, and computer-based testing delivery options. Our experience in high-stakes testing provides you with a highly consultative process for building a certification program or an exam that meets your unique needs.

Putting together a valid, accurate, and legally defensible examination is a painstaking process. We have an excellent reputation for the entire process, including steps such as:

  • Subject matter expert recruitment
  • Job analysis and role delineation studies
  • Survey design and development
  • Test specification/blueprint development
  • Item development
  • Editorial and psychometric review of items
  • Item banking and examination assembly
  • Test publishing (paper-based, computer-based)
  • Test delivery (paper-based, computer-based)
  • Examination evaluation and analysis
  • Standard setting/equating
  • Content validation studies
  • Predictive validity studies
  • Proctor/rater training programs

Test Authoring, Banking, and Assembly

Scantron’s assessment development processes are backed by our exclusive Agile Design Environment (ADE)® platform.

Designed and built by Scantron’s own professionals in the test development and delivery industry, Scantron ADE provides an online, powerful platform for reliable, thoroughly documented, and legally defensible item and test development processes. This tool and its delivery system form a single integrated entity, so managing tests throughout development, delivery, and updates is a seamless process. This online system reduces travel expenses and alleviates the scheduling headaches of long in-person meetings by allowing a large pool of subject matter experts to write and review test items from anywhere with Internet access.

Once test items are developed, we bank and assemble exams per the test blueprint, update content as needed, and manage multiple versions and multiple languages of the content. Currently, Scantron ADE supports development of multiple-choice, multi-select, scenario or content sets, hot spot, drag-and-drop, drag-and-drop matching, short answer, essay, and text simulation question types. We continually evaluate item types for inclusion in our system.

Scantron ADE is:

  • User friendly: Scantron ADE allows both experienced and new users to perform tasks in a timely manner with minimal training. Scantron ADE provides valuable dashboards and reports for project management staff.
  • Secure: Scantron ADE applies role-based access technology, which allows Scantron to specify the functions and test content that are accessible to each user. Scantron ADE is a secure, permission-based environment.
  • Configurable: Scantron ADE is designed to meet a wide range of test development processes and needs. Scantron configures several areas of Scantron ADE to meet our client’s needs in development and maintenance.
  • Available 24/7: Scantron ADE delivers its services online so users can access it as needed.
  • Flexible: Scantron ADE offers many configurable business rules and workflows to provide flexibility, data and project management capabilities, and assurance that all items follow all steps of a defined process.
  • Engaging: Scantron ADE employs sophisticated design and superior usability to engage users, increase their satisfaction, increase user adherence, and improve the overall quality of client programs.