Finding the time to fully prepare students for upcoming college entrance exams like the ACT®, SAT® or your state’s graduation readiness exam has never been easier—or more accurate. Say goodbye to time-consuming scoring and hello to fast and reliable practice tests using Scantron solutions.

ACT/SAT Practice Test Scoring Solution
Sample Forms and Reports

Daily Exposure, Targeted Practice—or Both!

Daily Practice with Scantron Snapshot

The earlier you start exposing students to the types of items they’ll see on crucial college entrance or graduation exams, the more comfortable they will be when it’s time to take those tests. That’s why our classroom testing solution, Scantron Snapshot, includes the following banks of retired ACT and SAT items that you can use in regular classroom testing:

  • Practice ACT
  • Practice PSAT
  • Practice SAT

For further practice, add the premium College Readiness Benchmark suite (Pre-ACT/ACT and PSAT/SAT assessments).

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Targeted Practice with Scantron’s Remark Scanning Solution

Why wait months for results from ACT or SAT practice results or laboriously calculate score sub-areas? We provide a complete, affordable package so you can replicate the exam experience for juniors and seniors who need to prepare for scheduled Pre-ACT, PSAT, ACT and SAT tests:

  • Forms that match ACT or SAT practice exam booklets—because perfect practice makes perfect.
  • Scantron desktop scanners with industry-leading reliability and accuracy so you can scan without worry.
  • Remark Classic OMR software with automated composite scoring calculations built in. Practice test results align to the reports you’d see from ACT or SAT.

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Order Practice Forms Online

The Scantron online store is your one-stop location to order forms compatible with the Pre-ACT, PSAT, ACT and SAT practice tests and for any other testing needs you have:

  • 292308 (ACT Practice-compatible)
  • 291470 (ACT Practice-compatible)
  • 300898 (SAT Practice-compatible)