Practice for College Entrance Early and Often

Finding the time to fully prepare your students for upcoming college entrance exams as never been easier—or more accurate. Say goodbye to time-consuming scoring and hello to fast and reliable practice tests using Scantron’s forms that match ACT or SAT practice exam booklets. We take over the manual work so you can focus on your students.

Using Scantron OpScan or Insight 4ES scanner with Remark Classic OMR you receive:

  • Automatic calculations to composite scores
  • Ability to replicate a true entrance exam experience
  • Specialized reports that help analyze score data for faster preparation

ACT/SAT Practice Test Scoring Solution
Sample Forms and Reports

Order Practice Forms Online

The Scantron online store is your one-stop location to order forms compatible with this solution and for any other testing needs you have. The ACT/SAT Practice Test Scoring solution uses the following forms:

  • 292308 (ACT Practice-compatible)
  • 291470 (ACT Practice-compatible)
  • 300898 (SAT Practice-compatible)

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