Practice for College Entrance Early and Often

You want to prep students for upcoming college entrance and other exams, but you know that means a lot of time-consuming scoring, with complicated calculations needed to make sure the practice raw scores look like real entrance exams composite scores. This extensive manual work may prevent you from offering practice for these crucial exams—but it doesn’t have to! Scantron takes the manual work out of practice test scoring, fast.

Using Scantron forms that match ACT or SAT, practice exam booklets provided by ACT or SAT, a Scantron OpScan or iNSIGHT 4ES scanner, and a Remark Classic OMR® scanning solution that automatically calculates composite scores, you can replicate an entrance exam experience for your students. Specialized reports ensure you can analyze score data and determine next steps to fully prepare students in hours instead of weeks.

ACT/SAT Practice Test Scoring Solution
Sample Forms and Reports

Order Practice Forms Online

The Scantron online store is your one-stop location to order forms compatible with this solution and for any other testing needs you have. The ACT/SAT Practice Test Scoring solution uses the following forms:

  • 292308 (ACT Practice-compatible)
  • 291470 (ACT Practice-compatible)
  • 300898 (SAT Practice-compatible)