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Fortifying District IT: Overview

Kick off our summer IT webinar series with this brief video for an overview of how Scantron supports K-12 districts with a wide range of IT services and solutions.

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Fortifying District IT: Device Strategies

July 9, 2020 • 2 PM Eastern
(1 PM Central, Noon Mountain, 11 AM Pacific)

The first two webinars in our Fortifying District IT series covered how to identify and set up a robust network baseline, then enhance it with cybersecurity policy and practice to ensure student privacy at home and on school grounds. In our final webinar in the series, we explore device acquisition and support strategies that help you control costs and ensure incoming devices integrate seamlessly into your robust and secure infrastructure. Join Scantron IT experts and learn how to enhance your IT device strategy

Featured Speaker:

  • Vern Kathol, VP Hardware & Print Service Solutions, Scantron Technology Solutions

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Fortifying District IT: Infrastructure Strategies


If you’re like many districts, the current learn-from-home environment may have increased pressure on district and school IT infrastructure systems. Network and teacher or student devices may have been harder to monitor from your home office. You may have found demand exceeding the capacity of your servers and other network equipment. These issues can be frustrating, especially if you have a small IT team available. Join Scantron IT experts and learn how to enhance your IT infrastructure strategy.

Featured Speaker:

  • Dave Koopmans, Manager Solutions Engineering, Scantron Technology Solutions

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Fortifying District IT: Cybersecurity Strategies


As we learned in Infrastructure Strategies, the first webinar in our Fortifying District IT series, effective network support and usage starts from a robust baseline. In our second webinar in the series, we examine expanding and enhancing that baseline to support a secure learn-from-home environment that protects student privacy even when students—and their district-owned devices—are not inside your network. Join Scantron IT experts and learn how to enhance your IT cybersecurity strategy.

Featured Speaker:

  • Arturo Romero, Senior Security Engineer, Scantron Technology Solutions

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Get More From a Score

Hosted by NCEA

You give assessments, but what do they give back? Since classroom instructional time is a precious resource, you need to maximize the benefit you receive from every assessment you administer. Join Scantron experts and learn how using a single adaptive testing solution can help you solve multiple needs.

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You've Got Your Test Scores—Now What?

Co-presented with Classworks

Join Scantron and Classworks educational experts to understand the variety of assessment data available and how you can use it to increase proficiency and improve learning outcomes.

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Early Warning System

Join Scantron’s educational analytics experts as we explore three key tips for getting the most out of an Early Warning System.

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Raising Your State Report Card Grade Using Scantron Assessment and Analytics

Baldwin County Schools, Alabama, raised its average scores on their state report card from 82 to 85—with no schools in the D or F range. Join Dr. Joyce Woodburn and Scantron experts to explore the steps that led to this success.

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Get—and Keep—Students On Track Using Analytics

Join Dr Julie Oziemkowski, Director of School Improvement, CUSD 200, IL, and explore how analytics can give you the data you need and suggest a path to get and keep students on track.

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Be a Superhero with Assessment Literacy

Join Dr. Mary Lou Caldarera from Calcasieu Parish and Scantron assessment development expert Sarah Mastrianni to discover the secrets of assessment literacy.

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Test to Your Teaching: Assessment Blueprinting and Design

It’s time to flip the script and design assessments to support your teaching, based on your state educational standards, your district-specified curricular cadence, and best instructional scaffolding practices.

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Hearts and Heads Together: Assessing Knowledge of the Faith

This webinar is hosted by the National Catholic Educational Association.

Join the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, and Scantron curriculum and assessment experts to explore an approach to standards-based measurement of faith knowledge.

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