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Corporate Training Series: Responding to ROI Expectations

Are you responsible for developing, delivering or evaluating commercial training courses? How do you measure or demonstrate the return on training investment? How objectively and reliably can you evaluate your training courses and instructors today?

You’re making significant investments in training for your employees, customers, and distributors or business partners. Most organizations use assessments, course evaluations, and/or instructor evaluations as indicators. Basic versions of these tools are only a starting point for measuring performance, enabling continuous improvement, and demonstrating value to the company.

This series covers core concepts related to quality management of a commercial training initiative. Speakers focus on challenges related to standardizing and delivering assessments, evaluations, and reports. They also discuss organizations who implemented flexible, effective assessment and evaluation systems, on their own or with expert guidance, in order to design and deliver better tests and actionable evaluations.







Defining Metrics for Better Decision Making

You can’t improve training if you can’t measure it. Developing effective, actionable training evaluations – whether the training is for employees, partners, or customers – requires making informed decisions and assumptions about what constitutes “good training” and what performance standards in training can be expected.

Identify and understand the key stakeholders involved in course quality management. The choice of survey instruments—along with the organizational, trust-building measures to embed evaluations into a Quality Management process—is critical to better decision making and validating assumptions.

Learn how Scantron commercial customers have effectively developed, delivered and reported on training effectiveness, as well as a wide variety of instruments including evaluations and engagement surveys. Once implemented, there are effectively no limits to the surveys that can be developed and administered. 







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Standardizing Assessments for Success

In this webinar, we’ll cover concepts of assessment quality management in a commercial training environment. Use cases include formalizing training for employees; using online and paper-based testing for enhancing adoption and loyalty with customers/end users; creating certifications to ensure your staff and partners are adequately prepared to go into the field and represent your organization; and accelerating the process from application assessments to reporting for a better candidate experience.

Learn how Scantron customers have simplified and standardized the process of effective assessment, reporting and tracking, as well as enabling multiple delivery methods.








Testing for the Skills Your Business Needs: Link Assessment Data to Desired Outcomes

Developing effective assessments isn't easy. It’s an even greater challenge when your company depends on training for effective service delivery, customer adoption and loyalty, and, in many instances, revenue. How can you be sure that your assessment data is linked to your key performance indicators and is providing you with valid, reliable information?

This webinar will review the full assessment development cycle and outline key factors to consider at each step along the way. This cycle includes linking success indicators to the test content and evaluating test data in relation to training effectiveness. Attendees will get practical advice on creating effective tests and specific examples of test items. We will also share insights on interpreting assessment results for better decision-making.









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