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VIDEO | More from One Score: What Are You Getting BACK From Your Assessments?

Are your students more than just a score?

We think they are. That’s why the Scantron Assessment Solution offers qualitative student results, not just a simple numerical score. Plus, our solution helps you reduce over-testing, one of the biggest frustrations in education today. It's not just the actual test-taking that's frustrating some parents and educators. It's also the hours students spend preparing—and worrying!

Performance Series helps you find student ability levels on a vertical scale, while using fewer questions to cover more skills. Using its results, you can turn student scores into instructional knowledge with targeted reports and flexible analytics.

But don’t just take our word for it! Watch segments from our recent webinar, Get More from ONE Score, and hear what Eric Rhodes, Coordinator for Assessment and Intervention for Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland and a long-time Scantron Assessment Solutions client, and Terrence Ingram, Scantron Education Specialist supporting Alabama’s state-wide assessment implementation and former KIPP Academy teacher, have to say.