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How can Scantron help?

Scantron has an extensive track record providing both computer-adaptive and fixed-form formative and summative assessment solutions to help thousands of customers succeed in developing assessments that measure and accelerate student growth. We were one of the first partners to align our existing computer-adaptive test to the Common Core State Standards—and we were one of the first to provide detailed reports to align results to the most granular standards level (not just to the strand).

In addition to Scantron’s bench strength in Common Core assessment, the product infrastructure is flexible enough to support clients using state-specific standards as well as integrated blends of state and Common Core Standards. “This is a key requirement for supporting organizations who work with educators in different states with different requirements,” says Jay Whitchurch, Scantron Executive Vice President.

Beyond simply providing scores, Scantron has developed relationships with content providers such as Knovation's netTrekker to ensure you and your teachers can draw a straight line from student results to the classroom materials that will help them succeed.

We’ve helped districts with workshops and consulting for content development processes as well as working with customers to provide high-quality, aligned content. We’ve validated educator assessment efforts and demonstrated positive impact to student learning with research studies ranging from determining growth targets to predictive validity studies.

Whatever the assessment assistance you need, Scantron has the products, tools, services, and expertise to help you ensure that you have the right program for your students. Our award-winning web-based software, combined with our comprehensive suite of assessment services, help you get the most out of your assessments and results. Use the following checklist to identify considerations important to your assessment requirement and see how Scantron can meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.