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As a leader in K–12 assessment, Scantron supports your summative assessment efforts with world-class products and services.

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Get More from Your Summative Score

Holistic, multimetric accountability from Scantron Your state summative measures form the backbone of providing evidence that your educational plan is working for all students, from high achievers to those who need additional help, and all the students in between. Scantron understands this. Our assessment experts can support your summative efforts across the complete testing cycle. We meet you where you are and help you get to where you need to be.

Trust the Scantron name and experience for high-quality summative assessments that meet your needs, because at Scantron, smart starts here.

Full Support Across the Testing Lifecycle

Scantron brings decades of experience and deep expertise in assessment development to your summative assessment approach. Using a robust and repeatable assessment development cycle (outlined in greater detail in our overview brochure), our experts work with you to design a custom solution, including:

  • Assessment program and exam design
  • Item and test development
  • Secure test delivery (online, on paper, or a combination)
  • Program management and training
  • Psychometrics
  • Scoring and Reporting

Flexible Capabilities for Tailored Programs

Scantron is committed to delivering exactly the assessment you need. We provide expertise and experience with: 

  • Fully customized linear test forms
  • Computer-adaptive testing

We can support multiple content development models to help you control costs, including off-the-shelf items, custom items, and any combination in between. We know your summative assessments need to reflect your state and its educational approach. That’s why we supplement our overall expertise with the specific subject matter expertise only your teachers can provide.

Meeting You and Your Schools Where You Are

No matter what level of technical readiness your schools have, Scantron can design an equitable summative test to meet their needs. We can support online and paper testing in any combination. Further, we provide scalable, field-based technical readiness support to supplement your state and district IT teams.

Specialized Capabilities for Specialized Needs

In addition to our support for core subjects such as Reading, English Language Arts, and Mathematics, we can provide custom and standard assessments for:

  • Science, including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • High School Algebra and Geometry
  • Career and Technical Educations subjects:
    • Informal, in-class progress checks
    • Formal pre-certification practice exams

We will work with you to develop summative and end-ofcourse assessments for any subject. Where appropriate, all items will connect to your state’s educational standards, all the way down to the skill level, so you, your district administrators, your teachers, parents, and students can receive the clearest, most holistic view of student proficiency possible.

Available State-Level Services

  • Client Program Management and Implementation Services
    Scantron’s Client Program Management and Implementation Services provide states with essential tools and informed support recommended for statewide implementation and continued growth.

  • Data Integration and Development Services
    Scantron provides a variety of data integration and development services to help you get the most out of your statewide implementation.