Summative Assessment Solutions

As a leader in K–12 assessment, Scantron supports your summative assessment efforts with world-class products and services.

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Scantron supports your summative assessment efforts. We can streamline your end-of-year state testing with a variety of solutions to make your assessment experience easier:

  • Printing guaranteed reliable and scannable test answer sheets
  • Pre-slugging with student data to reduce errors
  • Preparing kits to ensure students have all the tools they need to succeed
  • Packaging and shipping to ensure the right test forms are delivered to the right school and classroom efficiently
  • Processing test forms so you get results faster

Don't spend valuable district resources on preparing and delivering state summative testing packages. Let Scantron take this effort off your over-burdened plate.

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My Student Survey
Add stakeholder surveys to your multiple measures approach

Incorporating a more comprehensive set of measures into your definition of school and student success is a crucial element for delivering educational equity. ESSA requires states to examine multiple measures and use the results to make evidence-based decisions. Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to simplify assessing knowledge and perceptions using multiple measures.

Join our webinar to explore how multiple measures can

  • Expand your definition of student success.
  • Adjust instruction based on differentiated feedback.
  • Use both assessment and stakeholder perception data within analytics that drive school improvement
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