Supporting Academic
and Religious Education
in Catholic Schools

We provide assessment solutions and services to measure both academic and religious educational objectives, including core subjects and the Catholic Faith Knowledge Assessment.

Religious Education
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Religious and Academic Assessment
Stakeholder and Climate Survey

Catholic schools attract students when their academic, religious, and social environments are in synch with parent expectations. Scantron and My Student Survey offer several ways to use data to reinforce and improve school climate and stakeholder perception of quality and value. My Student Survey's environment makes it easy to administer surveys and gather actionable feedback that drives continuous school quality improvement.

Use our surveys…

Predefined, validated survey instruments help you gather stakeholder perceptions:

  • The STeP survey is a student-friendly survey of teacher practice that enables students in grades 3–12 to provide input on 6 key categories of their classroom experience.
  • My Student Survey’s climate survey is based on research into measuring school climate to provide a valid and reliable instrument to identify how your school implements the aspects of environment that have an impact on student outcomes.
  • Parent engagement is a critical part of a student’s success. Parents are their children’s best advocates, and their involvement in their children’s education contributes to student achievement and high-performing schools.
  • Your staff is the backbone of the educational services you provide. Staff engagement surveys show how educators, school leadership, and support professionals contribute directly to a positive (or negative) school environment.

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…Or develop your own

My Student Survey's environment can support surveys of any type. Our experts can work with you to convert a survey instrument you're already using or guide you through developing a custom survey to best suit your needs.