Supporting Academic
and Religious Education
in Catholic Schools

We provide assessment solutions and services to measure both academic and religious educational objectives, including core subjects and the Catholic Faith Knowledge Assessment.

Religious Education
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Religious and Academic Assessment
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"Sharing results with students is great because they can have buy-in. We can share these results easily because Scantron delivers fast, efficient scoring that we can use to drive classroom improvements."
Dr. Leslie Lipovski, Coordinator of Curriculum, Catholic Diocese of Arlington VA
"We wanted to approach the teaching of religion in the same way we approached other subjects."
Le Shaun Quander-Mosley, Director for Assessment and Research, ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON Catholic Schools Office
"Scantron’s professional services team have been supportive…like they’re part of our system, rather than an outside vendor.”
Dr. Leslie Lipovski, Coordinator of Curriculum, Catholic Diocese of Arlington VA
"We knew the right approach was to…examine the results data to improve instruction and the curriculum itself, just like any other subject."
Sara Blauvelt, Director for Catechesis, ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON

Catholic schools have a dual objective: ensure their core subject education is rigorous and meaningful and guide their students to a deeper understanding of catechetical foundations. Scantron's assessment solutions and services support these goals for core subjects using the same rigor and content we provide for public schools across the country. And we provide a variety of methods to help Catholic schools apply the same level of rigor for their religious education programs and other academic subjects.

Academic and Religious Coverage in Scantron Assessment Solutions

Our solutions support both paper and online assessment on a wide variety of desktop and mobile devices, including most current popular browsers, iPad, Chromebook, and Kindle.

The Breadth You Need for Academic and Catechetical Assessment

Scantron provides a comprehensive suite of item banks to support both academic and Catholic faith knowledge assessment. Our College and Career Readiness item banks cover core subjects for grades K–12. Our PreK–2 Foundations series uses professionally recorded audio to help measure younger learners in math and reading, ensuring they're ready for critical Grade 3 summative testing. Our Matemáticas en Español item bank helps you make sure you're measuring how well Spanish-speaking students know math, not English. And the Faith Knowledge Assessment item bank brings the same level of rigor you expect for academic subjects to measuring your students' knowledge of key aspects of their Catholic faith.

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Supporting Existing Assessments

You may already have the content you need to support religious education across your dioceses and parishes. Whether you're a parish providing catechism classes or your diocesan schools already support assessing students' knowledge of their Catholic faith, we have solutions that can help. Don't score tests manually—Scantron provides cost-effective test scoring machines and forms so you can spend less time grading and more time teaching these important foundational concepts.

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"Ultimately, the test is better at providing teachers with direct, individualized information
so they can help students thrive."
Maureen Ashby, principal of Holy Spirit School, Annandale

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Are you a larger religious school system? Many of our customers like our pilot program, that lets you make sure our solution is right for you. Ask your representative about this option.