Athletic Eligibility Assessment

Scantron helps traditional, charter, online, or home-school programs ensure student athletes are eligible to play in college.

Athletic Eligibility Assessment
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Student athletes face tough challenges. Not only must they excel at their chosen sport, but if they want to continue to play in college, they must excel academically. The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) and school districts across the country have strict academic targets student athletes must meet.

How can the wide variety of K–12 educators (traditional, charter, online, home-school) ensure their students are eligible to compete? Scantron's Athletic Eligibility Assessment solutions can help.

An effective assessment program to evaluate student athletes in relationship to academic requirements should provide:

  • Valid and fair assessment of students’ knowledge and performance within core courses
  • Standardized administration of assessment in all educational environments
  • Balanced and equated assessment forms to allow for examination retakes as needed without compromising measurement integrity
  • Real-time and proactive monitoring of student performance towards NCAA requirements (e.g., minimum GPA, core course performance, ACT/SAT results, etc.)
  • Early Warning Indicators for those students who are at risk for failing to meet the NCAA requirements

Scantron provides assessment solutions, analytics dashboards, and assessment development services to help.